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Our history

Casaccio Egg Farm was established in 1966 and is a third-generation family business.  Casaccio Egg Farm is a family-owned and family-run Egg Farm in Werribee, Victoria and is well known by the local community. 

With a family history spanning over 54 years, the Casaccio Egg Farm started off from humble beginnings, with a small flock of 2000 hens in a backyard-farm.  Over the years we have grown, developed and expanded our flocks to significantly increased numbers. Environmentally friendly-automated hen-houses, free-range systems and a State of the Art grading floor have been implemented to keep up with today’s industry standards and to cater for market demand.

We have built our farm on a strong foundation of traditional farming values passed down and strengthened through the generations.

Gregorio Casaccio, an Italian migrant, and his wife Emanuela Casaccio, started the business with their 3 sons; Sam, Paul and John in 1966 and the farm continues to be managed and operated within a strong family-orientated presence.  The 3 hard-working sons spent most of their young years building up the Egg farming business, under the guidance of their father Gregorio who had a strong work ethic and an even stronger sense of community and family. The family matriarch, Emanuela, constantly drummed into her son’s an old Italian saying ‘Unione fa la forza’, which means ‘United we are strong.’  This motto continues to be practiced today and with the 4th generation showing a keen interest in building the family legacy, this motto will be carried on for future years to come.

Second generation farmers Paul (middle son of Gregorio Casaccio) and his wife Josie, continued to grow and develop the farm by extending their flocks to Lara and Regional Victoria, expanding a farm in Terang.  They brought innovation to their customers through sustainable farming practices, adopting high levels of quality standards and becoming pioneers in the egg industry.

The third generation are now operating the farms, under the watchful eye and guidance of parents Paul and Josie Casaccio (recently semi-retired) who have a combined 99 years of experience in the poultry industry.

Our family business is characterised by unity, respect, loyalty, passion and team-work.  We’re dedicated to producing the best eggs possible for our local community and neighboring suburbs in Melbourne, Victoria.  

We pride ourselves on providing our local community with good old-fashioned customer service that comes from the heart.  We connect with our local community through love, warmth, generosity, kindness and are committed to providing our customers with a beautiful experience when they walk through the door, inspiring good health, nutrition and a love for food – with the key ingredient being the humble egg! 

“Our long-term aim is to connect with our customers in a way that inspires them to eat healthier and live a better life.  As we focus on the future of the business and continue to evolve, we will always value our roots from the past and keep our family traditions alive.”

With love, from our family farm to your family table xx

170-198 Bulban Rd, Werribee VIC 3030

With love from our family farm to your family table xx