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Our eggs

At Casaccio Egg Farm the welfare, safety and well-being of our hens is our priority. We look after all of our hens so that we can provide eggs that are of the highest standard with regards to taste, nutrition and quality. As a family business we are dedicated to providing the most nutritious eggs to all our customers. We take pride in keeping our hens healthy ensuring that they are treated well and are fed with quality ingredients. We are dedicated to producing the best eggs possible for our local community and neighbouring suburbs in Melbourne, Victoria.

Our motto is ‘With love, from our family farm to your family table”. With a generational history spanning over 55 years, we are a family farm that embraces old world values and the traditions of those who came before us. A farm where quality comes first, born from hard work, sustainable practices, and a dedication to food safety. We sell tasty, farm fresh eggs and pride ourselves as having a reputation of being one of the most loved and trusted egg producers in the greater Melbourne region. We cater to the needs of people who love home cooked meals and who are concerned about animal welfare.

Caged eggs

Our standard brown eggs are produced in a new state-of-the-art colony cage housing that provides more space and better ventilation. Our hens also enjoy a special grain fed diet with natural and special organic ingredients.

Free range eggs

Our free-range eggs come from hens that have the freedom to move around in a cage free environment. The hens have free range to roam the barn, with room to spread their wings, as well as the option to go outside the barn at will.

170-198 Bulban Rd, Werribee VIC 3030

With love from our family farm to your family table xx