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Birds enjoy world class climate control

The Casaccio Egg Farm, near Terang, Victoria is operated under the careful eye of Farm Manager, Geoff O’Brian. Over the past two years the farm has begun the process of upgrading the farm, retrofitting existing infrastructure and preparing land for new developments. Motivated by seemingly ever-increasing operating costs and the benefits of improved production output, security, and system reliability, Geoff has turned to new technologies to provide the answers.

The situation  

In 2016 one of the farm’s old cross-ventilated grower sheds was converted to a new tunnel fan-ventilated cage layer shed. The shed upgrades utilise the latest in agricultural technology, such as the AgriCool shed ventilation system, and effective farming design to ensure high production outputs and bird health. With a completely enclosed system Geoff is confident that his birds will receive optimal climate control even in the harsh Australian conditions. Holding 40,000 birds in Zucami cages, the renovated shed with the complete AgriCool ventilation system provides a comfortable environment for the birds, promoting good laying conditions.

Prior to the upgrade Geoff had a series of ebm-papst stirring fans installed into the farm’s free-range shed and was confident in the quality of product he would receive. The ventilation system and supporting agricultural and construction infrastructure was advised on and supplied by Agricultural Automation.

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