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Our long term aim is to connect with our customers in a way that inspires them to eat well and live a better life.  We believe that cooking together is not just about putting food on the table, it’s about passing on traditions and culture and bringing people together.

Egg and ham pieA savory pie with a beautiful golden brown crust made from farm-fresh Casaccio eggs.
Mushroom and tomato omeletteThis traditional mushroom and tomato omelette is quick and easy to whip up for brunch, made even better with Casaccio farm-fresh eggs.
Nasi goreng with fried eggsNasi goreng, literally translated to "fried rice" in both Indonesian and Malaysian, is a rice dish made up of meat and vegetables. Top this authentic South-East Asian dish with a delicious fried Casaccio egg.

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With love from our family farm to your family table xx